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The government has opened bids for a new solar plant

The Ministry of Energy has opened bids for a new 10 megawatt solar plant in Govi-Altai.

A photo of the Sermsang Khushin Khundii plant in Tuv aimag. (Credit: ADB)
A photo of the Sermsang Khushin Khundii plant in Tuv aimag. (Credit: ADB)

The project is being financed by the Asian Development Bank as part of the Mongolia Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project, which will see renewable energy systems distributed in more remote areas of Mongolia.

The ADB says the project will eventually deliver clean energy to 70,000 homes and save over 82,000 tons of carbon emissions per year.

The Ministry has said that companies must meet some eligibility criteria to bid for the plant, including an annual turnover of US$19.5 million and evidence of having previously built a solar plant in a country with a similar climate to Mongolia.

Bids must be submitted by December 11.

According to the ADB, the energy sector is Mongolia’s largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for about two thirds of the total. Ageing coal fired power plants account for 93 percent of total electricity generation, creating shortages in winter when demand rises.

However, Mongolia’s potential for wind and solar power stands at a massive 2600 gigawatts per year (the country currently uses just 1.2 gigawatts). If fully realised, clean energy from Mongolia could power northeast Asia – a strong reason why the sector is seen as a key growth area in coming decades.


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