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Lukashenko's Visit Tests Mongolia's Foreign Policy

Lukashenko in Mongolia

The recent visit of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to Mongolia, just weeks before crucial parliamentary elections, has ignited debate about potential external influence on the nation's foreign policy trajectory. While some fear a calculated move by Minsk, potentially with Moscow's blessing, to sway Ulaanbaatar towards a pro-Russia stance, the reality is likely more nuanced.

Lukashenko's trip, laden with agreements on agriculture, security, and a roadmap for future cooperation, undoubtedly aimed to woo Mongolia with economic incentives. This strategy was evident in his praise for Mongolia's "balanced" foreign policy, a thinly veiled encouragement to distance itself from the West, particularly on the Ukraine issue. Lukashenko's pointed criticism of Mongolian media outlets critical of him further underscores this objective.

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