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Action plan of the Government of Mongolia (2020-2024) in Mining and Heavy Industry

Excerpt from the Government Action Plan 2020-2024 (source:, translation from Mongolian)

Mining and heavy industry 3.2. Develop a transparent and accountable mining and value-added industry, create a stable and multi-sectoral economic structure by increasing mineral resources, and implement the principle of fair distribution of resources. Initiate the construction of heavy industries such as oil, coal-chemical, copper concentrate and metallurgy, and implement related infrastructure projects. 3.2.1 Improve the economic efficiency of strategically important deposits: The Oyu Tolgoi project shall be brought into line with the legislation of Mongolia and the operation of the underground mine shall be commenced; Finalize issues related to the ownership of the state-owned enterprise "Erdenet Mining Corporation", expand and renovate open-pit mines, concentrators and repair and mechanical plants, and increase production capacity and efficiency; Commence the Tsagaansuvarga copper and molybdenum deposit into operation; Expand Baganuur and Shivee-Ovoo coal mines, increase production capacity and reduce costs and expenses; Carry out experiments and research necessary to bring the Asgat silver deposit into economic circulation and resolve investment issues; Establish the infrastructure of the Tavan Tolgoi coal group deposit and put into operation a coal concentrator within the framework of establishing an industrial and technology park. 3.2.2 Commence production from large deposits and boost export earnings: The Salkhit silver deposit will be used to reach its project capacity; Put into operation the Zuun Tsagaan Del fluorspar underground mine. 3.2.3 Intensify geological and research work to be carried out with state budget funds and increase mineral resources. 3.2.4. Develop a unified national geo-database, introduce an electronic system and provide public services promptly. 3.2.5. Increase mineral resources by increasing investment in rare earth elements, precious, non-ferrous, ferrous and mixed metals, non-metallic minerals and oil exploration works. 3.2.6 Strengthen mining sector institutions, develop responsible mining, make licensing open to the public, and revoke licenses issued in violation of the law. 3.2.7. Develop heavy industry, increase the level of mineral processing and produce value-added products: Develop ferrous metallurgy (coke, cast iron, iron alloys) production in Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon and Dornogovi aimags; Establish an industrial and technology park based on the Erdenet Mining plant. A copper concentrate processing plant and a cathode copper plant with heap leaching technology for oxidized ore will be established in the park; Establish a precious metal refining plant; Establish a branch laboratory for precious metal sampling, expand the activities and activities for sampling precious metals and identifying gemstones, and increase the quality and accessibility of services provided to citizens; Start construction of a copper concentrate processing plant based on the Oyu Tolgoi deposit; Develop the production of ferrous metals (coke, cast iron, direct reduced iron) in Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon and Dornogovi aimags. 3.2.8. Build an oil refinery based on domestic raw materials: Intensify the search, exploration and exploitation of oil and non-traditional oil and increase its reserves; Decide on financial sources for supplying raw materials to the oil refinery and construction of pipelines, and carry out construction work; Establish an oil refinery based on domestic raw materials in Altanshiree soum of Dornogovi aimag. 3.2.9 Implement the amendments to the Constitution and create a system to distribute the benefits of mining equally and fairly to every citizen through the Wealth Fund.

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