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Mongolian 2020 Election Preparation Underway Amidst District Debates and Fundraising Reforms

Mongolians vote in the 2020 elections

The General Election Committee (GEC) suggested holding the Mongolian parliamentary election on June 24, 2020, pending parliament's approval in February. The election day would be a public holiday to boost voter turnout.

Once approved, discussions about Mongolian 2020 election candidates, voting districts, and campaign funding would intensify.

Electoral districts and mandates draw attention, with debates over the fairness of their distribution. Proposed changes could reduce Ulaanbaatar MPs from 28 to 24, even though half the population lives in the capital.

The ruling Mongolian People's Party (MPP) aims to increase provincial seats at the expense of Ulaanbaatar (UB) seats, from 48 to 52, reflecting provincial representation. Opposition parties oppose this, considering the MPP's provincial popularity.

MPP's secretary-general, Amarbayasgalan, announced no direct candidate financing to separate politics and money. Skepticism exists, with concerns over secretive fundraising due to money tracking challenges.

Amarbayasgalan noted PM Khurelsukh desires 'clean' and 'popular' MPP candidates, implying those implicated in recent corruption scandals may be excluded.

MPP's candidate nomination relies on the steering council's decision, usually approved by the party convention. Unclear if ex-speaker Enkhbold's faction will gain Khurelsukh's backing. Official nominations may only be disclosed in May.

Opposition DP plans candidate selection in late March or early April, receiving donations from presumptive candidates.

Nearly 500 candidates participated in the 2016 Mongolian elections from various parties.


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