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Mongolia's PM Announces His New Cabinet

Prime Minister of Mongolia Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene appointed 22 ministers in his new cabinet on July 10, 2024.

As per the prime minister, the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), Democratic Party (DP), and HUN party have agreed to promptly tackle Mongolia's urgent developmental challenges and jointly execute the agendas put forth during the parliamentary elections.

The new Government for the next four years includes the Prime Minister, 22 ministers, and 16 ministries.

Mongolia new cabinet
New Cabinet of Mongolia (source:

Below is the list of appointed ministers:

  1. First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Development: Luvsannyamyn Gantumur (DP)

  2. Deputy Prime Minister (in charge of Competition Issues): Togmidyn Dorjkhand (HUN)

  3. Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the State Emergency Commission: Sainbuyangiin Amarsaikhan (MPP, re-appointment)

  4. Minister of State and Head of the Government Affairs Office: Nyam-Osoryn Uchral (MPP, former Minister of Digital Development and Communications)

  5. Minister of State and Head of the Government Oversight and Evaluation Office: Erdenechimegiin Odbayar (DP)

  6. Minister of State and Head of the 20-Minute City National Committee: Ravjikhiin Erdeneburen (DP)

  7. Minister for Border Port Revitalization: Byuagiin Tulga (MPP, re-appointment)

  8. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Batmunkhiin Batsetseg (MPP, re-appointment)

  9. Minister of Finance: Boldyn Javkhlan (MPP, re-appointment)

  10. Minister of Justice and Home Affairs: Oyunsaikhany Altangerel (DP)

  11. Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources: Tsevegdorjiin Tuvaan (DP)

  12. Minister of Defense: Sandagiin Byambatsogt (MPP, former Minister of Road and Transport Development)

  13. Minister of Environment and Climate Change: Saldangiin Odontuya (DP)

  14. Minister of Education and Science: Purevsurengiin Naranbayar (HUN)

  15. Minister of Family, Labor and Social Protection: Luvsantserengiin Enkh-Amgalan (MPP, former Minister of Education and Science)

  16. Minister of Road and Transportation Development: Borkhuugiin Delgersaikhan (MPP, former Minister of State for traffic issues)

  17. Minister of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth: Chinbatyn Nomin (MPP, re-appointment)

  18. Minister of Urban Development and Construction: Jambyn Batsuuri (DP)

  19. Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry: Jadambyn Enkhbayar (MPP)

  20. Minister of Digital Development and Communications: Tsendiin Baatarkhuu (DP)

  21. Minister of Energy: Battogtokhyn Choijilsuren (MPP, re-appointment)

  22. Minister of Health: Togtmolyn Munkhsaikhan (MPP, re-appointment)


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