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Congress gives the green light to stronger US-Mongolia relations

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to elevate ties with Mongolia to a strategic partnership level, which means the two countries are set to intensify cooperation in a number of areas.

The move is formal approval of a declaration made during President Battulga's visit to Washington in 2019. (Image:
The move is formal approval of a declaration from President Battulga's visit to Washington in 2019. (Image:

The move is essentially formal approval of the same announcement made during President Battulga’s visit to Washington last year.

It does, however, confirm that there is rare bipartisan consensus in the US for improved relations with Mongolia.

It’s also a good omen for the Third Neighbour Trade Act, which Congress has yet to approve.

The text of the resolution also suggests that the US government sees business ties as the main method of improving relations.

“The House encourages the US Government to help Mongolia use its benefits under the Generalized System of Preferences program and other relevant programs to increase trade between the United States and Mongolia,” the resolution says.

“The House urges the US International Development Finance Corporation to expand activities in Mongolia to support economic development, diversification of the economy of Mongolia, and women-owned small- and medium-sized enterprises.”

The resolution also ‘urges’ American businesses to invest in Mongolia: “The House urges private and public support to help diversify the economy of Mongolia through increased cooperation and investments, as well as infrastructure and other vital projects.”

President Battulga’s office was upbeat about the influence of the resolution on the progress of the Trade Act.

“The Resolution on Strengthening the US-Mongolia Strategic Partnership, adopted as a result of [the 2019 visit], is important for deepening bilateral relations based on common strategic interests, democratic values, good governance, sovereignty, and respect for human rights,” his office said.

“In addition, it will stimulate the discussion of the draft ‘Third Neighbor Trade Act’ submitted to the US Congress.”


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