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Amar Adiya

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Mongolia Weekly

Amar is a proud founder of Mongolia Weekly, a reputable business intelligence newsletter listed on Google News. His insights have been sought by international media outlets such as Al Jazeera, Channel News Asia (CNA), Straits Times, and The Diplomat, further establishing his credibility as a thought leader.

With a career spanning from the bustling corridors of the United Nations Headquarters to the boardrooms of multinational corporations, Amar has dedicated his expertise to navigating the complexities of government relations, public affairs, and strategic communications.

Bringing extensive first-hand experience in advising multinational clients on government policies, laws, and regulations, Amar offers a genuine and well-informed perspective in making strategic decisions.

Amar Adiya was interviewed and featured in the following publications and media internationally. Here is a list of the media coverage:



Amar Adiya
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