Statute of Limitations: Corrupt Officials May Not Ever Be Charged

Statue of Limitations Allowing Corrupt Officials Avoid Charges
Mongolia's Statue of Limitations

Legal standing committee chairman MP Radnaased came under fire this week amidst public backlash on the court decision dismissing the bribery case due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. Two former government inspectors were caught with $200,000 cash bribe in 2017 but they were set free paying only $15,000 fine. MP Radnaased proposed to shorten the limitation period for taking legal action in the criminal law, which was passed back in 2017.

Many publicly criticised the court decision and blamed Radnaased for inviting to shut down other high profile bribe cases. Former justice vice-minister Enkhbayar claimed that corruption cases related to the state-owned Development Bank could be closed due to the expiration of limitation period.

Early this year the OECD found that conviction rate in Mongolia was very low at 8 percent, while the number of corruption probes quadrupled in 3 years and 41% of all cases in 2018 dismissed at the pre-trial stage.

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