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Welcome to Mongolia Weekly, a premier publication for discovering and sharing stories about the culture and people of Mongolia. Our platform allows writers to submit articles and pitches to our Editor in Chief, giving you a direct line to reach a wide audience of Mongolia enthusiasts.


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Welcome to Mongolia Weekly, an online publication dedicated to bringing you the latest news and insights from the country and beyond. Our publication provides a highly targeted and engaged readership of over 5,000+ professionals from around the globe, including decision-makers in government and industry.


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How To Submit An Article

Are you passionate about Mongolian politics, economics and current affairs?​

Do you think it's more important than ever to help the world understand the dizzying political, economic and social changes occurring in Mongolia today?

Can you look at local news stories from a global perspective?​

Our global readership ranges from Australia to Canada and from the US to Mongolia. Mongolia Weekly is also published on Google news.​Our newsletters and blogs are free from ideological baggage, partisan views or specialist jargon.​Your name, the title would be fully attributed and promoted through our website, Google News and our all social media channels - all for FREE for you!


Please include in your email:

  • Relevance to the business community

  • Why you're an expert on the topic

  • The teaser of your main argument

  • Submission of opinion pieces should be around 800 words

  • ​We have a busy editorial calendar - reserve your spot before it's gone!​


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