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Severe Flooding in China Damages Bridge and Forces Evacuations

Extreme flooding in northern China has led to the collapse of a highway bridge in Heilongjiang province on August 3rd. Two cars plunged into the Mayi River when the bridge gave way around 8:50am local time. This incident highlights the major flood damage happening across China now.

Highway bridge in northern China collapses
Highway bridge in northern China collapses

Chinese authorities reported no known casualties so far from the bridge collapse. Rescue operations are underway and part of the highway remains closed due to the flash flooding.

China has been experiencing its worst floods in decades recently. Heavy rains triggered widespread flash flooding that is impacting multiple regions of the country. The capital Beijing just saw its heaviest rainfall in over 140 years, turning streets into canals.

At least 22 people have died in flooding in Beijing and nearby Hebei province. One victim was a rescuer whose boat capsized in rapidly moving flood waters. Over 125,000 people have been evacuated from the flooded areas in China.

Other parts of the country also face flood threats. Water levels exceeded safety guidelines by 50 cm on the Mayi River in Heilongjiang where the bridge collapsed due to flash flooding. And the Zhangwei River continues rising in Shandong province, prompting new flood warnings there as well.

China is working to restore services and infrastructure damaged by the destructive flooding nationwide. Water supply returned to one hard-hit Beijing district housing over 260,000 residents. Aid groups like Apple and Red Cross are donating to assist flood relief efforts in China. But the country still faces flood threats as heavy rains persist.


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