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More pharmacies are now offering big discounts on medicines

A wide range of medicines are set to become cheaper today as the Law on Health Insurance comes into effect.

Hundreds of drugs will be offered at 30 and 70 percent discounts. (image: unsplash)
Hundreds of drugs will be offered at 30 and 70 percent discounts. (image: unsplash)

522 brand name drugs and 136 generic drugs will be offered by more pharmacies at discounts of between 30 and 70 percent. Many of the drugs are used for treating common ailments, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, seizures and arrhythmias.

Of the 2000 pharmacies in Mongolia, over 1600 have signed up with the Department of Health Insurance to offer the discounts.

"The National Health Insurance Council has decided to offer a 30-70 percent discount on 522 commercial drugs of 136 types,” Health Department chief Byambasuren said. “People with diseases such as seizures and heart arrhythmias have access to medicines. Doctors at all levels have to prescribe discounted medicines.”

Under the system, doctors write electronic prescriptions that are valid for a week, and pharmacies with access to e-documents and an Internet connection can offer the discounts.

The electronic system will then send people a message asking whether they got their discounted drugs to keep an eye on supply levels.

The government hopes that the system will prevent people from queuing at pharmacies for fear that supplies will run out.


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