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How Mongolia Can Prosper From Thriving PLCU Market

By Max Tocryp

In Asia, the blockchain industry is booming. The blockchain is its foundation, and it's already being implemented everywhere. The move opens up borders, facilitating funds transfers, and removing intermediaries from the equation, resulting in an equitable and fair distribution of resources. It is natural and obvious to want the best possible product.

As China is the largest crypto market, Mongolia's opportunities are rapidly growing as well.

Founder of PLC Ultima cryptocurrency and Forbes' top-10 crypto influencer, Alex Reinhardt told Mongolia Weekly: "We are quite confident about Mongolia as our second most important market".

In addition to being the prototype of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin also plays an essential role in driving the entire cryptocurrency market. Rather than copying or competing with the leading cryptocurrency, PLC Ultima's (PLCU) goal is to build a new market centered on the creation and education of a community of cryptocurrency users. PLCU builds and implements new technologies to ensure that existing gaps between the real economy and crypto world will be filled by the PLCU coin and the PLC ecosystem.

Minting vs Mining

With PLCU, everyone can easily gain access to cryptocurrencies, using PLCU to not only buy anything, anywhere but also produce PLCU coins on their smartphone.

Crypto mining facilities are well known in Mongolia, but now that electricity bills are expected to skyrocket, minting offered by PLCU may become a better option.

Using mining as a method of producing cryptocurrency is a completely new, simplified, and energy-efficient method. It is a method that is well suited for blockchain's long-term future, and is worth the attention of people entering the sector after Bitcoin. PLC Ultima minting is an innovative way to distribute rewards to users. In order to receive new PLCU coins during this period, the user may purchase an Ultima Minter digital certificate and freeze a certain number of PLCU coins in his possession.

Upon conclusion of a smart contract between PLC Ultima and the user, the coins are guaranteed to go to the wallet of the user, provided all conditions are met.

The blockchain keeps this contract forever and it can be viewed at any time.

It’s All About the Ecosystem

In addition to being a cryptocurrency, PLC Ultima is a powerful ecosystem that combines modern products that do not exist in the crypto market today. Own blockchain, a unique cryptocurrency-debit PLC Card that combines the modern world of cryptocurrencies and fiat, and its own marketplace and crowdfunding platform.

PLC card allows holders of PLC Ultima coins to pay at any shop with a POS terminal and withdraw fiat money from ATMs. In addition, they can use them online for purchases and transfers to other holders.

An innovative crowdfunding platform, Platin Hero, part of the PLCU ecosystem, combines the capabilities of crowdfunding with blockchain transparency, minting, reliability and security of smart contracts, and is a part of the PLCU ecosystem. Through this platform, tens of thousands of promising projects and startups can be launched, millions of ideas can be implemented, and millions of ideas can be funded. Platin Hero technology helps all participants make money: projects get free publicity for their ideas. Users can also support ideas and projects, receiving rewards from projects and bonuses for their support.

The PLCU ecosystem now boasts a global community exceeding 1.5 million members, and the numbers are growing.

More and more people use PLCU as an entry point into crypto worlds across the globe, and in Mongolia as well.

Cutting edge technology

PLCU’s main objective is to provide all people with access to technological payment instruments, regardless of their country of residence, technical skills, social status, age and other factors. With PLCU, language is no longer an issue - all products are available in Mongolian and English. The PLC Ultima team is made up of top blockchain specialists from around the world, who have been developing blockchains and cryptocurrencies for over 10 years now. Their expertise enables PLCU to provide the best solutions to our users.

As a result of the efforts of the PLCU team, more and more people in Mongolia are gaining access to global financial infrastructure and instant payments around the world, along with the unique products of PLCU's own ecosystem.

There is something for everyone at PLCU. Those looking for profits may use the minting technologies, Mongolians have already appreciated the quick crypto transfers and crowdfunding opportunities, as well as the international debit card. By blurring the lines between fiat and digital currencies, PLCU suits everyone's needs and allows everyone to profit.


About Author: Max Tocryp, a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Based in Singapore, Max writes about new and promising crypto projects and the ways in which the crypto universe changes our lives.

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