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Britain appoints new trade ambassador to Mongolia

British PM Boris Johnson has appointed Daniel Kawczynski, a Conservative MP, as the UK Trade Envoy to Mongolia ahead of London’s possible withdrawal from Brexit negotiations this week.

“The Prime Minister’s trade envoy programme is an unpaid and voluntary cross-party network, which supports the UK’s ambitious trade and investment agenda in global markets,” Secretary of State Liz Truss said in a statement.

Kawczynski said that he looked forward to the post.

“I look forward to working closely with [Ambassador Philip Malone] on strengthening the trade relationship with Mongolia and… helping build a Global Britain,” Kawcynksi said.

The announcement comes shortly before Johnson’s deadline of 15 October for ‘meaningful progress’ in Brexit negotiations with Europe, after which he’ll pull the plug and take Britain out without a deal.

Although Johnson has said the UK will ‘prosper mightily’ from a no-deal Brexit, reports suggest $1.6 trillion in assets and thousands of jobs have already been lost.

Kawczynski has not indicated how exactly he intends to strengthen the trade relationship with Mongolia once Britain decides to leave the world’s largest single market. However, the UK Department for International Trade has previously highlighted opportunities for British companies in energy, mining, agriculture and education.

“The Ministry of Energy is keen to explore new ways of improving Mongolia’s energy production in terms of air quality, self-sufficiency and sustainable energy production,” the Department says. “UK companies can capitalise on the resulting opportunities.”

In education, the UK believes that its Cambridge Program is in high demand in Mongolia and could provide business opportunities for British ‘knowledge and experience’.


Image Credit: D Kawczynski via Twitter


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